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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Everybody, a very merry and happy to all. Some updates:

Right now, I’ve got a bunch of stuff out:

J. J. Adams’ Anthology BRAVE NEW WORLDS received a starred review from PW, and is getting universally praised. It includes my stories “Independence Day” along with some seriously amazing fiction. You can buy it in stores, online at Amazon or B&N, as an e-book, or from the publisher.

Harison How’s Anthology DARKNESS ON THE EDGE: STORIES INSPIRED BY BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, which originally published “Independence Day” is also out now, and available from PS Publishing. Big thanks to Howe and PS editor Peter Crowther for allowing the reprint, and commissioning the story to begin with.

The first season of Tales From Beyond the Pale is still going strong.  Do yourself a favor and buy the whole season. I wrote “Is This Seat Taken.” The hubby’s story is “Johnny Boy” starring Boardwalk Empire’s own Shea Whigham.

My story “Hindsight” is part of the October issue of “Lightspeed Magazine.” You can read it online, or purchase the e-issue.

My story “Are You Trying To Tell Me This is Heaven?” is collected in John Joseph Adams’ anthology LIVING DEAD 2. Starred PW Review.

Paul Tremblay’s awesome collection IN THE MEAN TIME is out in audio. Each story is read by a fellow writer, and there are some pretty cool names attached. Low down on the cool level, you’ll find me, reading “The Two Headed Girl.”

Thrillers: 100 Must Reads is out from Oceanview Publishing. A prettwide-ranging collection. My personal essay is on Robert Louis Stevenson, whom I learned to admire while researching his life. Buy it here.

Mark Morris’ CINEMA FUTURA, published by PS is also now out. I’s comprised of 60 essays written by genre writers on their favorite sci-fi movies. I picked “Donnie Darko,” because “Donnie Darko” is awesome. You can buy it here.

I’m updating my website, and will be offering a bunch of old published stories for free. My novels are still available. If they’re not in your local bookstore, throw some hands.

Other stuff: Still working on the fourth novel, the YA, and the screenplay. Progress continues, so hold on to your hats and other assorted parts.


This year I’ll be out and about.

January 14, 7pm. Bookcourt Bookstore in Brooklyn. I’ll be reading for the Brooklyn Writers Space, along with Luke Langfeldt, Lucy Neave, and Joshua Wolf Shenk.

February 18-20th. Boskone in Boston, MA! I’ll be there. Perhaps, so will you.

April 28-May 1. World Horror Convention in Austin, TX. I’ll be a guest of honor. Be there or stink.

June 16-19. Bram Stoker Weekend, on Long Island.

July ? Necon 31– Bristol, RI. I’m a guest of honor, and will be there, though I ought to figure out exactly when it’s happening.

July 14-17, ReaderCon in Boston, MA.

October 27-30th. World Fantasy Convention, San Diego, CA.

Thanks for reading. You can find me on facebook and twitter. Have a wonderful 2011, and don’t let anybody give you any baloney.
Yours sincerely,

Sarah Langan

“Hindsight” up on Lightspeed Magazine

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

It’s here, ladies and gents!

Also out this month from “Lightspeed” is astrophysicist Pamela Gay’s article about  gravitational anomalies. It’s the Halloween issue, so later in the month Lightspeed will also run stories by Joe Lansdale and Stephen King. You can buy all three stories, as well as accompanying interviews and articles in one shot, or read them as they appear for free, online.

Read up, and plunk some bling down while you’re at it!

Press Release below:

For immediate release:

The October issue of Lightspeed Magazine is now underway. Our first piece of fiction–“Hindsight” by Sarah Langan–and first piece of nonfiction–“When Universes Collide” by Pamela Gay–are both now available.

Lightspeed is serialized throughout the month, for free online, but it is also available directly from Prime Books in DRM-free ePub format, and is also available in Kindle, iBooks, and Mobipocket format from external vendors, or from Fictionwise, which offers a variety of formats. So if you don’t want to wait for the content to be released on the site throughout the month, or you’d just like a handy, downloadable version of the magazine on your favorite handheld electronic reading device, you can buy the ebook edition for just $2.99.

Here’s the schedule for October, with some editorial teasers of the content. The first piece of fiction and nonfiction are available now (see October 5, below).

We’re doing a little something different this month. Because October is Halloween month, and Halloween is a time for scary stories, we thought it would be appropriate to make October “Horror Month” here at Lightspeed. But never fear, we haven’t changed our scope completely—each story in this issue is still science fiction; it’s just that you’ll be getting your daily dose of sensawunda but also a liberal helping of whadafrakwuzzat as well.

Here’s the schedule and teasers for this month:

October 5

In our lead story this month, “Hindsight,” horror author Sarah Langan tells the story of an apocalypse-in-progress, a world in which the laws of physics no longer seem to behave properly, and a mysterious cosmic anomaly called Black Betty. The last remaining survivors have one last hope, but can the technological singularity defeat the threat of a gravitational one?

In the related nonfiction, astronomer Dr. Pamela Gay discusses what there was before the Big Bang, gravity, the mediocrity principle, and just what might happen if two universes collided.

October 12

In “Tight Little Stitches in a Dead Man’s Back,” author Joe R. Lansdale tells the tale of a mad scientist and his family who spend twenty long, hard years Down Under waiting for the war to end. By doing so, they manage to survive the end of the world, but when they go back Topside, they find a world very different than the one they remember—a world in which even a rose is supremely dangerous…and not just because of its thorns. (Reprint)

In our feature interview this month, Matt London talks to Marc Laidlaw—creator of Valve Software’s Half-Life series—about video game creation, his literary and gaming influences, and the intersection of SF and horror.

October 19

Imagine you’re awakened early from cryonic stasis aboard a starship traveling to a colony world where tens of thousands of starving colonists will die if you don’t get there to help them. John R. Fultz’s chilling “The Taste of Starlight” explores whether the lives of many outweigh the lives of few, as we experience the lengths the good Doctor Pelops is willing to go to in order to ensure his mission’s success. Would you—should you—be able to do the same thing?

The idea of cryonic suspension has been around nearly as long as science fiction itself, but just how plausible is it? And if it is scientifically viable—would it be a good investment? Scientist (and SF author) Dr. Gregory Benford weighs all the (cold, hard) facts, figures, and probabilities in “Considering Cryonics.”

October 26

There are few authors in the world about whom you can honestly say “he needs no introduction.” But when you’re talking about Stephen King, that’s most certainly the truth. “Beachworld,” one of the horror master’s rare forays into straight-up science fiction, follows the plight of the two survivors of a far-future interstellar spaceflight, who crash land on a harsh and unforgiving planet. (Reprint)

And if you think that place would be a terrible planet to crash land on, well, you’d be right. But, in case you’d like a little variety when choosing your final extraterrestrial resting place, author Genevieve Valentine scoured the cosmos and found “Five Planets that Will Kill You Dead.”

That’s it for our fiction and nonfiction selections, but be sure to also look for our author spotlights, and keep an ear out for the podcasts of “Tight Little Stitches in a Dead Man’s Back” by Joe R. Lansdale and “The Taste of Starlight” by John R. Fultz.


All that, plus author spotlights on Sarah Langan, Joe R. Lansdale, and John R. Fultz, along with podcasts of “Tight Little Stitches in a Dead Man’s Back” and “The Taste of Starlight.”

S&Man release and other news

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Everybody! Hope you all are well. I’ve got a couple of announcements.

First, my husband JT Petty’s film, S&Man gets its theatrical release tomorrow. It’s premiering at the ReRun GastroPub Theatre in Dumbo (147 Front Street Brooklyn). Tomorrow will have marathon shows, at 7pm, 9:30, and 11:55. JT and the film’s subject, Erik Rost, will be there all night for Q&As, and also at for the celebratory cocktails at the bar from 8-9:30pm. Everyone is welcome, so please stop by and say hello. If you miss tomorrow, you can catch it at the ReRun through October 7, or get the DVD.

October 10 at 7-9pm: Chatting live at:
Come ask questions, or just read along.

October 15-17th: Rock and Shock in Worcester, Massachusetts.
October 20th, 4:30pm: Speaking/reading from Audrey’s Door at the Saratoga Public Library (8 Thomas S. Boyland St., Bushwick, Brooklyn).

October 29th, 10:30am: Speaking about Darkness on the Edge: Songs Inspired by Bruce Springsteen, edited by Harrison Howe on Bruce Springteen’s E Street Radio. How cool!

Halloween (October 31, fool!): Guest blogging at Sheepish Fashionista. Prepare to be terrified, or at least entertained!

“Hindsight,” my first real sci-fi story, is heading out into the world on October 5. And it’s totally ready to fly.
To read it, go to Lightspeed Magazine.
You’ll be able to read, download the podcast, or buy the entire month’s issue as an e-book. Check out the site; it’s very cool, and I’m very proud to be a part of it. An annual anthology is also part of the plan.

“Independence Day” is still available in Darkness on the Edge, which you can buy here.

My portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson, which is also not to shabby, is now available in Thrillers: 100 Must Reads, edited by Hank Wagner and David Morrell. Pay no attention to the PW review. I think they’d eaten bad falafel and were taking it out on the rest of us. Remember: garlic is not for amateurs.

My analysis of the 2001 film “Donnie Darko” in Cinema Futura, a collection of science fiction film essays, which you can get here.

Finally, you can always pick up any of my first three novels, which are still in print. If a bookstore doesn’t have what you’re looking for, ask for it. It makes me look good. And who doesn’t want that?

We’re recording the radio play “Is This Seat Taken” on Monday. Cast is set, with Joe Swanberg, Vonia Erslanian, Helen McTernan, and Mike Malfi playing the larger roles, JT Petty directing and editing, and radio play by Sarah Langan. For more info:

EMPTY HOUSES (the fourth book!). It’s going swimmingly, and I think will please fans.

The rest is top secret!

Thanks for reading, signing up, and making my day a good one. Hope you are all eating cookies this rainy Thursday.

Sarah Langan


Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

It’s over! Summer, that is. And good riddance. I can’t stand the heat!

Anyway, a couple of things:

I’m reading, along with John Langan, at the SoHo Gallery for Digital Art (138 Sullivan St., NYC) on Tuesday, September 7, at 7pm.  Come on down!

I’ll also be speaking at the Brooklyn Public Libraries this fall:

September 20th, 6:15pm,  Arlington Branch

October 21st, 4:30pm, Saratoga Branch


My story, “Are You Trying to Tell me This is Heaven,” is now out in John Joseph Adams’ anthology The Living Dead 2. The antho has gotten a starred pw review, and tons of praise. Other authors include David Wellington, Kelly Link, Cherie Priest, Kelley Armstrong, Max Brooks, John Skipp and Cody Goodfellow, and Catherynne Valente, to name a few. The website is here, and contributors will also be blogging for Tor Books all month.

Glass Eye Pix’ Production of my radio play, “Is This Seat Taken?” is underway, and will be directed by JT Petty.

On that note, JT Petty’s Mock-Doc “S&MAN” is now out. I’ve got a cameo, and it is one of the best films on the decade. It’s scheduled to have its theatrical debut at ReRun in October.

My first science fiction story will be published in October. More on that to come when I know I can announce it!

Work continues on the fourth novel. When I decide it’s ready to go, you all will be the first to know.

I hope your summer has been fantastic. Thanks for staying tuned.


Sarah Langan

Darkness on the Edge: Tales Inspired by the Songs of Bruce Springsteen

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

I just received my gorgeous contributor’s copy in the mail. I’m very proud of my story, “Independence Day.” Along with “The Lost” and “Fenstad’s End,” it’s the best I’ve written. A dystopian sci-fi, from a kid’s perspective. Excited to be on the line-up, and thankful to editor Harrison Howe, and PS Publishing, for making it happen.

…Did I mention that the hardcover is absolutely gorgeous? 

More announcements to come. This time I’m serious!