Tales From Beyond the Pale



Great New. Tales from Beyond the Pale is now a ten-episode box set in time for Halloween. It’s gotten love this week from Slate, Entertainment Weekly, and NPR. You can get the collection from Amazon and your local indie, download it for itunes, or get individual episodes directly from the Tales website.  My segment is called “Is This Seat Taken?” Happy Halloween!



Yours sincerely,

Sarah Langan

3 Responses to “Tales From Beyond the Pale”

  1. Dorothy Butcher says:

    You are one bad-ass chick and I love your work. Have just discovered you (what the hell took me so long?)!!! Love the strong female characters. You have a lovely way with words. Looking forward to the next thing, having just marathon read everything by you I could get my hands on. Thank you, Sarah Langan. Will now go get some sleep before the re-reading begins. Cheers, Dorothy.

  2. One thing really leads to another sometimes. Thanks to this post, I went and checked out Tales from Beyond the Pale. I quickly bought every episode from season one. Last night, I listened to the first three. No surprise yours was fantastic. Twists and turns galore, and compelling characters. Well done! (And I thought those actors did a great job, too.) Any plans for future segments?

  3. Sarah Langan says:


    Hi. Tales has a whole new season. It’s live this time, at a venue in Manhattan called Dixon Place. This link ought to give you more info:

    So glad you liked the series!

    Sarah Langan