Stories Out

I’ve got a few September stories out:

1) “The Man inside Black Betty” in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, September/October 2011 issue. Bettyis more speculative fiction/ allegory than the horror most readers are accustomed to, but it carries my usual lefty pinko sensibility. If you’re squeamish, this one is for you. Buy it via subscription here,  preview it here, or pick it up at your local bookstore/library.


2) The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, 2011 (ed. Paula Guran, Prime Books, September 2011), is now out. Included is my story, “Are You Trying to Tell Me This is Heaven?” This one’s a well-written zombie story, about a dad in the post apocalypse, searching for his missing daughter in the Baton Rouge county lock-up.  Buy it here. Or at your local bookstore or favorite online dealer.

 3) Halloween (ed. Paula Guran, Prime Books, September, 2011). It’s got my story, “The Great Pumpkin Arrives at Last”– a dark, fast paced chill that takes place on Halloween night. Click here to get it from the publisher, or hit up your usual suspects (B&N, Amazon, Indies).   

4) “The Changeling” has been collected in Creatures: Thirty Years of Monster Stories (ed. Paul Tremblay and John Langan, Prime Books, September, 2011). It delves into the changeling myth, only with oodles more baby stealing.  Get it here!

That’s it for this month. More to come. Until then, don’t get none on you.



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