Reading At KGB Wednesday, June 15th


A few things:


I’m reading at KGB June 15th, 7pm with Glen Hirshberg at the Fantastic Fiction Series, curated by Ellen Datlow and Matt Kressel. Info on the series and directions here.

I’ll be reading a short story, and some of my books will be available for sale. This reading will be my last for a few years, unless you’re attending one of the summer conventions. With my second child due in October, I’ll be taking some time away from public events, though of course I’ll continue to write. Empty Houses is about finished.


Other events:

June 16-19th, Stoker Weekend. I’ll be at the Horror Writer’s Association’s annual convention on Long Island, doing a signing and panel. Details here.

July 14-17th, Readercon Weekend in Boston. The Shirley Jackson Award will be given out, and I’ll be there to cheer. Good luck to all.

July 21-24, NeCon Convention in Rhode Island. I’ll be the guest of honor, which means I get to play lots of pranks on strangers. Watch out! Click here for details on attending.

That’s it! Until my next book comes out, I’ll be on the lowdown, and occasionally teaching fiction at the Gotham Writers’ Workshop.


I’ve got about ten short stories coming out from various places. When they’re out, I’ll drop a line. In the mean time, you can still find my fiction in:

Brave New Worlds

The Living Dead 2


Unspeakable Horror

Audrey’s Door

The Missing

The Keeper


That’s all, folks!

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